5 May 2017

On the 2 of May I went with my sister and best friend Mathew to DARG adoption centre in Hout Bay

We saw different types of dogs and cats. We helped feed them, brush them and gave them lots of love and attention.

We gave them some donations to help with the expenses for t...

22 Mar 2017

Today, we look at two different Torah portions. Ki Tisa, from the book of Exodus, and Shabbat Parah, from the book of Numbers. We add in the portion of Shabbat Parah because this Shabbat is leading up to the festival of Pesach....

7 Mar 2017

My portion is Tetzaveh and it is in the book of Shemot, Exodus.

My portion talks about a lot of important subjects. It begins with the Menorah – which was lit every day by the Kohanim, who were the priests in the days of the Temple, and was also known as the Ner Tamid [...

6 Mar 2017

I went to help Souper Troopers for my Bar Mitzvah project. Souper Troopers helps people who live on the streets. People volunteer their time and donate clothes, food, toiletries and games.

I loved giving my time to people who live on the streets and I like to help them.


17 Feb 2017

My parsha or torah portion is called Yitro.

Yitro, in English, Jethro, is Moses’s father-in-law.
Yitro was a Midianite priest and he was not part of the Jewish people.
Yitro Acknowledges the God of the Jews. And makes a sacrifice to God.

The parsha starts off with, Yitr...

17 Feb 2017

My torah portion is about the Jewish people leaving their life of slavery in Egypt. How Moses split the Sea of Reeds and the Song of the Sea which was led by Miriam. The Miracles of the manna, the quails and Miriam’s well from which the Jewish people got their water an...

2 Feb 2017

My Torah portion is Va’eira it is found in the book of Shmot.

The parashah takes place in Egypt where the Jews were enslaved.  One day G-d tells Moses to go to pharaoh and say to him that he must let the Jewish people free. Pharaoh says that he will not and G-d sends 7...

SAFFI - Faith-based responses to male perpetrators of intimate partner abuse: what guidance do we get from Holy Scripture and ancient teachings?   

The Problem

A historical survey of Jewish writing shows a move from seeing women as the possessions of their husband t...

21 Nov 2016

In this week’s Parshah, we learn that Sarah dies at the age of 127 and is buried in the Machpelah Cave in Hebron, which Abraham purchases from Ephron the Hittite for 400 shekels of silver.

Abraham then sends his servant Eliezer to Charan, packed with gifts and ten camel...

24 Aug 2016


MY PORTION IS called Eikev, from the book of D’varim, THE FIFTH AND LAST BOOK OF THE TORAH.



24 Aug 2016

I visited highlands house--home for Jewish aged ,and it was the most wonderful experience one could imagine .

Coming into contact with the elderly , many of whom have no one coming to visit them , was enriching as they were all so Warm towards me and asked me so many qu...

27 May 2016

My Torah portion is called BeChuko-thai and it comes from the end of the third book of Torah called Leviticus. The reading contains three themes. They are reward and punishment, Curses and blessings and it also discusses different types of acts of kindness/charity.


5 May 2016

MY Mitzvah Project

I decided to do my Mitzvah project by volunteering at DARG in Hout Bay.

DARG is a pro-life, non-profit organization that rescues, cares for, sterilizes and rehomes previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs.

DARG also looks after these cat...

5 May 2016

Good morning everyone. My Torah portion is called Acharei Mot found in the book of Leviticus. At first I thought my portion was going to be all about sexuality, but Rabbi Greg helped me to find the deeper meaning in my portion. My portion speaks about Aron and his reac...

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