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“… life is a journey, a sacred pilgrimagemade stage by stage – from birth to death to life everlasting. (Alvin Fine)


Temple Israel recognizes that death can be a stressful event for everyone concerned. Our rabbinic team and Funeral Director are here to offer support and guidance from the period leading up to death to the death itself and to the mourning period beyond.In the event of a death occurring, our Funeral Director will assist you with all the necessary preparations for a Jewish funeral. He will also notify one of our rabbinic team who will contact you to arrange a time for the funeral service and shiva prayers. He will also assist with the required legal documentation. Progressive Judaism recognizes that it is some people’s last wish to be cremated. In such a case our rabbis will officiate at a memorial service and conduct shiva prayers. Tombstone Consecrations are also conducted at a suitable point after the funeral.


Please contact our Funeral Director, Roy Lipman, for assistance in this regard.

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