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Baby Naming

Mazeltov! It is a joy to welcome a new child to this world and Temple Israel would love to help you to create the perfect baby blessing for your family. Whatever gender, we offer baby namings in the synagogue, home or in the venue of your choice.


One of our rabbinic team will help you to plan the ceremony, choose a Hebrew name and provide any guidance you should need to create the perfect simchah.



Brit Milah / Baby Naming / Upsherin

Brit Milah

Where appropriate, the rabbinic team will also gladly officiate at your child’s Brit Milah, which takes place on the eighth day, unless the medical doctor has reason to delay (count the day of birth as day 1). Our rabbis will officiate the traditional ceremony, with the bris performed by a specialist GP. For more information please contact any one of our rabbis.





There is a verse in the Torah that compares a human being to a tree. We are also told that one should not pick the fruit of trees before they are three years old. In Kabbalah the connection was drawn between a three year old child and a fruit tree. To mark this symbolically some parents refrain from cutting their child’s hair until their third birthday.This is a wonderful occasion for gathering friends and family for a hair-cutting party. Each guest is invited to offer blessings and wishes to the child before cutting a small lock of hair. One of our rabbinic team would be happy to help you plan this special simcha.

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