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Temple Israel Cares Programme aims to meet the psychosocial (spiritual, emotional, cognitive, physical and social) needs of the congregation covering our three centres: Green Point, West coast and Wynberg.  The core of the Temple Israel Cares Programme is about care, concern and consideration ( אִכְפַּתִּיּוּת ikh’patiyut) based on empathy and compassion. 


Temple Israel Cares Programme offers:

  • Assisting with brochas

  • Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick)

  • Lifts to and from services

  • Nichum Aveilim (consoling the bereaved)

  • Supporting and nurturing volunteers


If you, a family member or a friend would appreciate a visit from a rabbi or one of our caring volunteers, need support in any way, or know of one our members who is in need,  please contact Gill Saks at Temple Israel Cares  on 021 762 1745 or email

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