14 May 2020

My Torah portion is called Bʼhar Behuckoti
The Bʼhar portion deals with the land of Israel taking a sabbatical
every 7th year.
This is like the Shabbat and gives the land a time to rest.
During this shvitah the land is not allowed to be worked.
When it is the jubilee,...

11 May 2020

My Torah portion is called Emor and it’s found in the book of Leviticus/Vayikra. 

It’s about sacrifices in the Sanctuary (or the Mikdash in Hebrew) and how the Kohanim needed to be in a state of ritual purity to offer them.

If they came into contact with a death, like wh...

25 Mar 2020

My torah portion, Vayikra is found in the third book of the Torah which is also called Vayikra.  Most of my portion speaks about how the People of Israel used to bring their burnt offerings to the Kohanim - my great, great, great, great, great ancestors.

In the days of...

25 Mar 2020

Ben, thank you for your dvar torah and for the wise words you have shared with us today.  You have chosen to focus on two important ideas – holy time and holy space. 

Shabbat is holy time -it is a gift that the Jews have shared with the world and there is no person...

25 Mar 2020

My Torah portion comes from Exodus, and it's called Vayak'hel

The first part of the portion is about how Moses called the Israelites together and spoke to them about the sabbath. He told them that they must not work and that they must not kindle a fire on the day of the...

15 Jan 2020

My name is Zacari Turest-Swartz. I’ve always been passionate about animals. I absolutely love them. I have two dogs and two cats. I chose to do my Bar Mitzvah project at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) because I wanted to help cheer up the a...

20 Nov 2019

My Parsha is Chayei Sarah from the book of Genesis. I have been very lucky to have this portion as I think that there are a number of very important lessons in it.

Briefly my Parsha is about Abraham’s wife Sarah dying, and Abraham wanting to own a nice piece of land to...

14 Nov 2019


ood morning Rabbi Malcom, family, friends and congregation .

This weeks parsha is “Veyara”

This Parsha is mostly about Abraham in the desert. He has just had his bris at the age of 99 and he is recovering in his  tent.

Despite him being in pain he is waiting for guests s...

11 Sep 2019

My parasha is called Ki Teitzei.  The English translation is ‘When you go out …’   and it covers many many rules written by Moses dealing with proper family relationships, ethical treatment of animals,  laws involving many aspects of daily living, justice, family respo...

15 Jul 2019

My parasha is parashat Pinchas which comes from the book of Bemidbar or the book of Numbers. I will discuss two topics from this week’s parasha.

 To begin, I will start with Pinchas, son of Eleazar son of Aaron the priest. In the time of when the Jewish people were near...

9 Jul 2019



Here I am, standing before you.  

Called by God and this community 

to do the holy work 

of bringing our Torah, tradition & wisdom into our lives 

so that we may better ourselves, 

our community 

and the world around us.


I am here for you,...

9 Jul 2019

Temple Israel, Cape Town, SA

July 2019 – Tammuz 5779

God spoke to Abraham:

לך לך מארצך ממולדתך אל הארץ אשר אראך

Get yourself up and go…from your land, from the place of your birth…to a land that I will show you.

Who does this?  Who gives up all that they have known…family,...

9 Jul 2019

My torah portion is about a selfish man named Korach. He challenged Moses and Aaron and formed a rebellion against them. Since he only thought about himself, he was swollowed by the Earth. What I have realised is that if you only think about yourself you will be punish...

15 Apr 2019

Rabbi Greg, congregation, family and friends

Thank you for joining me to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah. When a young girl reaches the age of Bat Mitzvah – 13 years in the progressive Shul, she assumes a greater maturity in her connection to her own identity. According to the...

18 Mar 2019

Good Morning and Good Shabbas everyone I am Zara Tonkil and in celebration of my Bat Mitzvah I will be saying my dvar Torah on my portion, which is Vayekra. I want to speak about the sacrifices we made 2000 years ago and the ones we make in the 21st century. Such sacri...

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