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Levi Baran-Rothschild - Mitzvah Project

I carried out this service by going to D.A.R.G.(Domestic Animal Rescue Group), down the road from my school. I decided to choose this organization because I am helping out the people that need it, animals in need of care or rescue and helping out the overall organisation so they can function easier.

My friend and I went to the D.A.R.G. grounds and got the sign-up forms for volunteering. we initially wanted to help out with the animals because we feel a certain bond with animals. However, had to be over 18 to help with the dogs. They needed assistance in the library, so then I helped there. We were sorting out the books in the library, which is a donation-only library, into alphabetical order and by language. Doing this definitely sped up the work for the librarian working there. The books are all at a R10 price, so the people from the township who don't have enough money to go to an Exclusive Bookstore, now have a very cheap library that they can buy books for themselves or their children.

They were very grateful for our assistance, so it was definitely worth my time!


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