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Sam Lund - Mitzvah Project

My name is Sam Lund and my mitzvah project involved going to different old age homes, bringing cake and playing music for them. Along with three old age homes, I also went to Glendale to play Pesach songs as well as my normal repertoire. The three old age homes were Highlands House, Helen Keller Society for the Visually Impaired and Huis Luckhoff. There were around 25 to 40 residents at each concert. I would play for about half an hour for each home. I played a selection of pieces from different times in history and played them in order from most recently to least recently composed, including one of my own compositions. I chose to do this mitzvah, because I have a passion for music, and enjoy performing it for as many people as possible. I also think it is worthwhile to perform for old people, because in the last section of their lives, even if they have physical or mental issues, what they can still do is appreciate music. Plus, sometimes they can be quite lonely, and music can bring connection and joy to them. All of the residents really enjoyed my performance. Every single home asked me to come back again. This has been a special experience for me.


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