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Erin Chait - Mitzvah Project

I have volunteered walking dogs on many occasions for animal shelters, specifically Fallen Angels. 

I have also made videos for social media to promote adoption for some of the dogs.

Scooby, an older boerboel, was adopted shortly after I posted his video ❤️ 

Each dog has its own personality, I let them do as they want on their walks - some want to roll in the grass, some are quite fearful so I take them to the play area and give them lots of affection, most dogs enjoy a long walk.

This year for my mitzvah I chose Oscars Arc, I spent time with the puppies and older dogs, giving them love and attention. 

Although the goal is to promote adoption, these furry friends demand little - just a walk and affection. I wish I could adopt them all, but I know i am doing my part by providing them with their simple needs which makes them, and myself, feel good. 


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