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Gaby Rael - Mitzvah Project

My name is Gaby and for my mitzvah project I did a beach clean up.

I chose this mitzvah because I care about making a difference in the world. I see lots of problems in this world but the one I want to change the most is the state of the ocean.

Plastic is polluting the sea and injuring and killing the creatures who live in it, and I want to change that.

So I invited my friends and family to join me on a Saturday morning to help clean up the beach.

We met at Hout Bay beach with bags and gloves and started to pick up rubbish.

I didn’t know how much plastic there would be but my friends, family and I managed to pick up enough rubbish to fill about 10 bags.

I felt inspired by this mitzvah to keep helping the planet and to do whatever I can to make a difference.


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