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Riley Hewlett Mitzvah Project

As I woke up on Saturday 14th October I was ready to face the day ahead. We were booked into the urban gardening section of Ladles of Love. The first part of my day was cheder - we travelled to Wynberg shul. After a bit of time in the shul, we went to the car and started our long journey to Ocean View with my mom, my dad and Sam Warner. When we arrived a very kind lady was there called Nicky. She gave us the tools we needed, and we started right away. As we were pulling out weeds we had a great time to talking to each other. When our time was up Nicky thanked us for helping. We then went to the Imhoff farm stall and had some great food. On the way back, the car ride was quite eventful and fun. I think that doing something with your hands instead of just giving money- like doing a grocery drive or gardening- is way more significant.


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