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Jeane Ingel - Dvar Torah

My D’var Torah My Torah portion called Vayakhel-Pekudei talks about the tabernacle and how the Israelites in the desert made sacrifices to god. While I was studying this text with rabbi Greg and my parents, I thought of the many ways in which I understood and related to it. Here are some of my thoughts: Every day in the sanctuary the Cohanim gave sacrifices to God, in making sacrifices, I sacrifice my time to the things I care about and believe in. I understand why only people who really cared about it could make sacrifices. It is like when you receive a gift from a friend, it’s not really about the gift, it’s about the thought behind it. The ark that held the Ten Commandments had gold on the outside and the inside. The rabbis learnt from this, that your insides should be just as golden as your outsides. I try my best to be pretty on the inside and not focus on just being pretty on the outside. When the Israelites were building the tabernacle they kept records of all the items brought, like silver and gold. This was to ensure that no corruption or stealing took place. Those records are like our records in the government or your receipt from the shops. As the Israelites travelled around the desert they were guided by a cloud which was the divine presence. When the cloud lifted they would travel, but when the cloud settled they would stop and camp. That cloud is like the gut feeling I have or like my connection to god who helps me decide what is right and what is wrong. This is what I have taken from my Torah portion.

Shabbat Shalom


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