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Josh and Shai Mirlas - BM Mitzvah

Giving back to our community

For our Barmitvah we chose Prestwich Primary School in Sea Point, to give back to our communities where its needed.

We arranged with the Principle Mr Murrison, to spend a morning with the Grade R’s. The school is lovely and the teachers were very friendly and welcoming.

We donated new soccer balls, hoola-hoops and skipping ropes to the school. When we presented the soccer balls to the class the children jumped up and down and were so happy, as their soccer balls were all broken. Now they could play again!

The girls were taking turns at the hoola-hoops and boy, were they quite good! They managed to keep the hoola-hoops up, going round and round.

We then played soccer with the Grade R’s which was a highlight of the morning. They loved it and we think some Messi’s and Ronaldo’s may be amongst that group.

We handed out lollipops and cup cakes, then lined up and returned to the classrooms.

Once we had all settled down, we read stories to each class. The students loved the stories and were keen to engage and there was great excitement discussing the stories.

We loved spending our morning at Prestwich Primary School. In fact, we may continue this as a yearly visit, on our birthdays, each year. The kids welcomed us to their school with open arms, literally, as were swamped with beautiful hugs. What a privilege to add just a little happiness to their day.


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