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Jesse Flash - Mitzvah Project

For my Mitzvah Project, I decided that I wanted to read or help out at an orphanage for little children. I've always loved stories, and especially children’s stories; the imagination, creativity and wacky words have given me a passion for reading.

I've grown up in a house where reading is very important. Everyone in the family is always reading and sharing books. I wanted to read to children who don’t always get a bedtime story every night like I did. I wanted them to have the experience of being read to and have a love for stories like I still have today.

I chose an orphanage in Ottery, Heaven's Nest, where there are around 12 children under the age of nine and a few babies. They live there and are looked after by a wonderful, caring staff who are very patient and passionate.

About once a month from July last year I visited Heaven's Nest for two hours on the weekend. I got to know some of the brightest and funniest children who were always welcoming towards me and let me play with them. Whilst most of the time we spent playing games and singing and not always reading, I loved doing it. This is something I would like to continue beyond my Batmitzvah.


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