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Josh Malia - BMitzvah Mitzvah Project

On my way to school, I listen to the KFM breakfast show with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs. On a particular morning, I heard them discuss raising funds for the Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA). I had never heard of this cause before: Children are going to school, and are expected to learn, on empty stomachs. I thought to myself: “How can anyone learn on an empty stomach?” When I am in school, waiting for breaktime and I am hungry, I can't even concentrate on what the teacher is saying, let alone learn anything. Children really need the nourishment to be able to excel in school as well as develop and grow. This is really devastating as three out of four, or 75% of, children in the Western Cape go to school without any food. This really touched my heart.

PSFA is a registered non-profit organisation that supplies primary and secondary school-aged children with breakfast and lunch during their school day. This is all done with R570 per child for the entire year. PSFA is a successful association, feeding 25 967 students throughout 170 educational institutions per day and has been for the last 64 years.

I have chosen the peninsula school feeding association because I care for people who need food and just can't bear to see them going to school on an empty stomach. So, I, first, appealed to my school during my school’s second term. I found this a fitting place to start as I thought students would be able to directly relate to the cause: they would know how it feels to be sitting in the classroom without a substantial meal. This was done during an assembly where I addressed my school directly. I was quite nervous to speak in front of my peers and teachers, but I was very happy I did so. Next, I appealed to my family members if they might be able to donate towards this cause- any and all donations encouraged and appreciated! Eight months later we raised R600 and we are still appealing to the larger community. After which, a final sum of money will be donated to the association.

The association’s website can be found below. On this website, you can find clear donation buttons and more information if you are interested. The association further allows donations to support one child for a year, an entire class for a year or feed a child for a whole month etc. The type of the donation is up to you. For further convenience, the contact details as well as the banking details for the Peninsula School Feeding Association can be found below.

Contact details:

Phone: +27 (21) 447 6020

Physical Address: 26 Purdey Road, Sheffield Business Park, Philippi, 7750

Postal Address: PO Box 154, Observatory 7935

Banking details

Account Name: Peninsula School Feeding Association

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

Account Number: 070894159

Account Type: Cheque Account

Branch Code: 020909

Branch Name: Thibault Square

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

Physical address: First Floor, Thibault Square Branch, Corner of Hans Strijdom Street and Long Street, Cape Town, 8001


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