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Juliet Stromin - Bat Mitzvah Mitzvah

For my mitzvot, I decided to dedicate my Sunday mornings to the Animal Rescue centre, DARG. DARG is an non-profit organisation that takes in stray animals (cats and dogs) and works to give them a new life through the use of adoption. My job included cleaning the cages, loading and unloading supplies, supplying fresh newspaper, fetching water and cleaning the bowls and plates for the animals. This all combined was made to ensure a nice clean environment for the cats and dogs that had experienced traumatising pasts.

I was really fortunate to get to work with the animals and people at DARG and I’ve learnt a lot from my experience there. I’ve learnt a lot about responsibility, not only for the animals but responsibility in all aspects of my life. DARG taught me that the key to looking after another is responsibility. Without responsibility, you fail. It’s taught me that responsibility is such an important quality to have in your life and this extends to me doing my batmitzvah today as I become an adult member of the congregation.

By doing the mitzvot, I’ve learnt that it is so important to give of your time to others. To give back to the community and really try to make the world a better place. It gives you the opportunity to do something good for others and not only yourself. My mitzvot is only the start of something greater as the desire to continue my service grows.

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