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Noah Gonsenhauser - Random Acts of Kindness

I really struggled to find a good idea for my Bar Mitzvah mitzvah. My parents did not like the idea of me raising money and I did not really have the time to do major volunteer work. Then I saw this man who decided to do a random act of kindness and it struck me as an amazing idea. So for many months we have been making cups of soup and coffee and sandwiches early in the morning before we go to school and giving them to various homeless people along the way. We then appealed to my whole grade at school and then to all the people attending my Barmie. The response has been overwhelming. So many people have done some many amazing things from donating their time, much needed goodies and very generous donations. It has made my Bar Mitzvah infinitely more special to have so many people doing this positive, united charitable effort.

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