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Rachel Ancer's Batmitzvah Mitzvah Project

I decided to do my mitzvah project for children who are going to have bone marrow transplants. I know how scary it is and I wanted to use my experience of what I went through to help them. I decided to make care packs for children. We talked to the Bone Marrow Registry - these are the people who found a donor for me. We put together packs for the children with some things that I thought would help them when they are in isolation. These included craft activities so that they would have something to do and stress balls to take their frustrations out on and a stretchy, bendy person to talk to when they need to. We decided to make 18 packs because 18 in Hebrew is chai, which means life. My parents made packs for the children's parents. I gave the packs to my doctor - Dr Marc Hendricks at the Red Cross Children Hospital - last week and we talked about making this an ongoing project. I still want to add knitted beanies for children who lose their hair because of the chemotherapy so I'm looking for any knitters out there!


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