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Elijah Sack - Mitzvah Project

For my Mitzvah Project, I helped out at the Observatory Pasta Kitchen. I chose to help outhere because it is in my area, and I have been noticing many homeless and hungry people on the streets locally lately so I thought it would be good to help out at the Pasta Kitchen.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen is run by volunteers. It provides pasta to homeless and hungry people every Wednesday. I have helped as a volunteer for 3 weeks so far, and I really enjoyed it. I helped with washing dishes, as well as serving the meal. I really enjoyed helping out and meeting the other volunteers. I even made friends with another 13-year-old who volunteers there!

I also loved seeing how grateful the hungry and homeless people were when they got their pasta. They were all very friendly and some of them seemed to know the volunteers very well. I loved helping out at the Pasta Kitchen, it was both fun and meaningful and I got to meet lots of new people. It made me feel connected to my community. I hope to volunteer again soon!


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