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Keren Atash - Dvar Torah

My portion is about creation. Creation to me means many things God created light and dark,to me,it's both physical and figurative.The light reminding you of hope despite the darkness. There cannot be light without the darkness. A lot of people today suffer from hopelessness and despair.God gives us light and i feel that there is always a way out even when you feel that you cannot go on, Torah can be the light that guides you.

Another part of creation that stuck with me was the creation of dry land and plants. Humans and plants have a lot in common.Sometimes we need a little help to grow mentally and physically, a seed needs to be planted and you can't just wait around for it to grow, you have to water it and nourish it .We as people need to be nurtured and nourished too, if we want to succeed. We have to put in the effort, even if it means asking for help.This is something that I struggle with.

God separated the Seas from the land. The Separation allowed the next stages in creation to take place.It shows how opposites and differences are necessary but it must work together in harmony To allow for God's creations To be in balance The foundation for all living things is water. This element came into existence ,nurtures and sustains life in all its forms. The world is forever changed by this work of divine creation.The gift of water was rendered as a representation of the Creator's endless creativity, rebirth, and purification.

Lastly, God created the Sun,Moon and Stars. The sun makes me think of wholeness of self,warmth and goodness.The moon is known to change and go through phases, Just like we all do. The moon and stars illuminate the night sky. Another guide from God to help us find our way through the darkness.


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