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Zachary Keys - Dvar Torah

For my D’var Torah I have chosen two topics to discuss. The first one is how you should move on in life and not stay the same way all the time and the second one is how dangerous it can be when people persecute other people based on their religious beliefs.

In my Torah portion I read that Moses was giving the Jewish people a speech before he died. In that speech he was saying that for many months that had been living by Mount Sinai and that now they needed to move because they can't stay in the same place for the rest of their lives. They had to begin their journey to the Land of Israel, the land that God promised them. This shows that it is important to accept change and not to stay the same all the time.

My other topic talks about how people start wars with people of other religions and say it is because of G-d. People believe in different Gods and religions and it is fine to have different opinions, but when people start fighting with each other because of their beliefs then it is not acceptable. This is because it is similar to when people used to feel like they had to spread their religion and sometimes even force people to join them. Sometimes this even involves violence which is very sad.

It is bad not to allow people to believe in what they want, and to make people who still want to believe in their religion go into hiding so people do not persecute them. Putting my topics together, I think that people should move on from times when they used to fight with each other because of their beliefs and set aside their differences.

We as the human race need to learn to put our differences aside and move on and learn from our history and learn to accept one another. That way we will be able to prosper as a race and then make the world a better place.

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