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Daniella Beswick - Batmitzvah Mitzvah

For my mitzvah project I helped Reach for a Dream. I spent the day at BUGZ with a little 7 year old girl named Elizabeth. She has been fighting a very serious illness for many years.

Elizabeth’s wish was to meet Barbie. At BUGZ, we had a special table set up with Barbie decorations and Elizabeth got to meet Barbie.

We spent the day running around and playing on the fun rides. When she got tired we went back to our picnic area where there was a beautiful princess dress waiting. Her eyes lit up when she saw it. This moment was one of the most beautiful moments. For her it was a dream come true and giving her this dress made me feel like a dream maker.

When we put the dress on she started walking like a princess with her hair and makeup done. Spending the day with this beautiful little girl really opened up my eyes and made me appreciate my life more than before. Elizabeth is a truly amazing little girl!

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