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Matthew Stein's Mitzvah Project

For my barmitzvah project I decided to help out animals, like Noah did, at Fallen Angels. Fallen angels, is an animal shelter, for dogs or cats that have been abandoned or ran away from home. They give them a place to stay, feed them and look for new homes for them. I was very excited going there. I went on two days the first day I went to walk dogs there which gave them wanted attention. On the second day was a special day they were hosting to come build kennels and stroke the dogs. We went there and helped out in the building of the kennels. Later that day we went to that cat area and we stroked the cats and took care of them for a while. I thought it was a very good experience and finally with my bar mitzvah money I will be buying blankets for them so they are warm at night. You can find out more about fallen angels on their Facebook page and you can help by donating to them or adopt a dog or cat for your family.

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