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Luca Biccari - Mitzvah Project

I met Siphelele at Beautiful Gate and found out about his aftercare project that he began in a garage in Phillipi when he was in Grade 6 . He wanted to help children in his area learn well and develop their reading and writing skills so he started an aftercare club which he called “Masefundisane” which means “ Let us learn together” which grew and grew until they needed more space which Beautiful Gate was able to provide for them.

I was so impressed by his desire to help children in his area and wanted to help them by sponsoring a trip to the Science Centre during their July holidays. With the help of my family , I arranged to transport 20 children, including Siphelele and 2 teachers to the Science Centre for the morning , for a fun and informative outing .

I am passionate about maths and science and wanted to inspire the kids to enjoy these subjects as much as possible and see them in a fun way. I joined them on their outing and then we gave each child a Rubik’s cube as a fun memento.

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