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Taro Tomitsuka- Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah

The charity I chose was DARG animal rescue in Hout Bay. The reason I wanted to help them is because we have had three cats from DARG. Only one is still alive, but I loved all of them. Animals cannot speak for themselves and society has to protect them from cruelty.

I decided to use my pocket money to buy 18kg of cat and dog food, which my mom and I delivered to DARG. The volunteers there were very grateful.

I also asked if I could walk a dog, as there are many animals there that need exercise. If you are under 18 they only let you play with the puppies but because an adult was with me I was allowed to walk one of them.

It was a great feeling to be surrounded by lots of eager puppies - although they really go crazy - and I felt good that I had done some service. I will definitely go back again to help.

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