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Zen Lasker - Mitzvah Project

My bar mitzvah mitzvah is called hope for heroism or achim lachaim(brothers for life) this is a non profitable organization created and run by wounded combat soldiers from Israel's elite (combat units such as Duvdevan )terror unit and is based on the unique model of injured soldiers helping newly injured soldiers my fathers good friend mark Gordon frequently brings these soldiers to South Africa (besides their physical disabilities they suffer from PTSD which is post - traumatic stress disorder and doing various delegations around the world and taking them out of Israel it has proven that these delegations helps them on their road to recovery ) the ages range from very young men in their early twenties to thirty year old soldiers .

When they come to Cape Town I wish to provide any possible service to help these brave young soldiers improve their quality of life in anyway possible.

We have just had a very successful delegation both in Cape town and Johannesburg whereby we looked after soldiers that were recently injured in the war in Gaza last summer

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