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Aliyah Joseph - Mitzvah Project

For my Mitzvah project I decided to spend it at “Sunny Skies” Day and After Care centre. It is run by a woman called Charmaine

I go there every afternoon after school it is right next door to the library where my mom works>reading stories is not the only thing I do there, we play games and engage in other fun activities such as exercising help them draw and have been teaching them how to write their names.

As soon as they see me at the library next door they get super excited and impatient screaming my name “ Aliyah “ as they cannot wait to hear the next adventure or fairy-tale stories I’m going to be reading to them. Even if I go and just play and run around with them they more than satisfied

This is why I’ve decide to continue with my Mitzvah project even after my Bat Mitzvah I have so enjoyed interacting with the children and teaching them new things

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