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Avi Moodley- My Mitzvah Project

For my Mitzvah Project I decided to spend my time at a place called “Miracle Kids” in Constantia.“Miracle Kids’ is a safe house for abandoned and abused babies and toddlers. It is run by a women called Elsie Du Plessis at her home Elsie has employed child minders who help her care and teach these children.

I had a great time, playing with the children and learning about each one of them. I played pirate with Ricardo and marbles with Abel. We all had a fun , although at times the older children got hyperactive ( because my mom sent sweets!! )I played with the children on the jungle gym and trampoline. When it began to rain we all went inside and I helped Cindy, one of Elsieshelpers, to make lunch for the kids. I loved that the children were all so grateful for their food and made a prayer before eating. The time I spent at Miracle Kids waswell worth it and I’d like to go back to Miracle Kids again. What a joy to see their beautiful smiles. I’m happy that I chose Miracle Kids as my Mitzvah Project because what Elsie has created truly ties up with what “ mitzvah “ is all about.

We definitely need more people like Elsie in the world, people who make a difference.

My wish is that more people get involved with charitable work and help those who are less fortunate than them. It does not always have to be with money, but also they can give their time, experience, skills etc.

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