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Erin Rose Barenblatt - Dvar Torah

Spreading rumors, hurting others, making people unwanted, teasing them and calling them names, all these are covered by a law. Which is called Lashon Hara.

Good morning, my torah portion is based on Mishpatim, the laws.

Yes, there are many other laws that I could of chosen to speak about, but this one stood out to me, Lashon Hara.

When people think of Jewish law, they think of observing Shabbos or keeping Kosher, but they never seem to acknowledge Lashon Hara, spreading rumors and hurting others.

Lashon Hara means something to me because it happens because it happens on a daily basis, it happens on the playground, at school, at work, on the phone and all around us. It can happen anywhere at any time.

The more people who spread the rumor, the further and further away it gets from the truth. Keep this law in mind, although it can start small, this could lead to something bigger and cause heartache.

Before you start to spread a rumor, stop and think if you would want this to happen to you.

Just remember, if you hear a rumor don’t repeat it. A rumor can only be spread if you repeat it.

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