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David Hahn - My Barmitzvah Mitzvah

In my Mitzvah I spend 5 days in DARG (animal shelter in Hout Bay) during my last school holiday.

My job was mainly to look after the cats and puppy dogs.

This included cleaning the kennels, sweeping floors, scrubbing the food bowls, and shaking the blankets. One day I was also allowed to clean the windows of the dog kennels and go outside with the puppies.

In the last few days I got support from other volunteers and friends, which was easing the work.

I was impressed by the dedication of the staff and volunteers.

Frequently they go to the townships in order to rescue injured or new born dogs.

As a result of this I have seen an intimidating pit-bull who was full of scars, probably he was used as a fighting dog.

My Mitzvah helped me to appreciate the selfless work that many people of our society are doing. I was happy to be able to support them in their work.

Since my Mitzvah my parent are supporting members of DARG.


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