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For our bnei mitzvah mitzvah we have approached an organisation called Ons Plek Projects which is a safe house for girl street children. They help children get off the street, give them a safe place to sleep, feed them and rehabilitate them.

We chose this place because we feel so privileged to know we always have a roof over our heads, warm meals and a loving family. This is not the case for all children in the world and we would like to make a difference. In all the preparations for our bnei mitzvah we realised how lucky we are as not only do we get to be barmitzvah’d but we also get to celebrate this simcha with all our family and friends. This got us thinking – imagine never having had a party or a celebration. We approached Ons Plek and will be hosting a party with the kids where we will celebrate with the children and give them sweets and treats and we are doing activities with them. We are also contributing 10% of our bnei mitzvah money to helping them buy new kitchen appliances. We are really looking forward to being part of this special day and to making a difference in other children’s lives.

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