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Ben Rubin's Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah

Ben Rubin, who is having his barmitzvah on 13 September 2014, spent three days during the July holidays volunteering at Camelot Kennels for his mitzvah.

Camelot Kennels is set in the Schaapkraal Agricultural Area in Ottery. It runs a kennels, cattery and a rescue centre. It is run by Connie Griessen who shares Ben’s love and passion for animals. As you arrive at the place you are greeted by ducks and chickens, barking dogs, the rescue cat that lives on the roof as well as several birds that pop in to visit Camelot on a regular basis.

Ben helped Connie bath, brush, feed, exercise and care for the animals over the three days that he spent there. Ben loved sitting in the cages with the cats on his lap playing on his ipad.

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