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BRONWYN KRUGER'S Bat Mitzvah Mitzvah

My Mitzvah Project is based around my work with the Chaeli Campaign. The Chaeli Campaign is a non-profit organization that focuses on mobilising the minds and bodies of children with disabilities. The Campaign provides assistive devices (eg. wheelchairs) to change the lives of children with disabilities. I am a Pay It Forward Ambassador for The Chaeli Campaign. This is a programme for social entrepreneurs from the ages of 10-14 and focuses on leadership, networking and other skills that are needed to help positively uplift the communities in which they live. Part of my duties as an Ambassador involve me attending monthly meetings at Chaeli Cottage, where I connect with Ambassadors from other groups and participate in workshops run by Zelda Mycroft, CEO of The Chaeli Campaign and mother of Chaeli Mycroft. I also get to interact with children who have disabilities and together we try to formulate ideas to make our communities more understanding of differently abled people. This is a long-term project and part of my ongoing duties will be to raise awareness about differently abled people in my school and in my community, as I am dong by making this my Mitzvah Project. Any congregants wanting to learn more of become more involved with The Chaeli Campaign can contact Zelda Mycroft at or go onto the Caheli Campaign website I have just begun my journey with the Chaeli Campaign and look forward to making a difference over the next two years of my being an Ambassador and many years after that.

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