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Levi Meyer B-Mitzvah Mitzvah

When considering what to do for my mitzvah project, it was quite an easy choice for me. During Covid lockdown, I became very conscious and aware of the homeless community on the streets of Cape Town and I realised what a struggle it is for so many people and also what a challenge it is for organisations attempting to provide relief for the homeless. I therefore, chose to collect tinned food for The Night Haven shelter for the homeless on Wynberg which is the area I live in and where Temple Israel is situated.

I appealed to kids at Herzlia Junior High and the families in my neighbourhood and some family friends to contribute to this collection.

I promoted this mitzvah project at my school in assembly and a Civvies day was the incentive for the class that donated the most cans. There was a substantial collection at my school of tinned goods. The neighbourhood families near my house were particularly generous with lots of tinned food donations and some monetary donations with which I bought cans of food from Makro. I have now collected 300 tinned food cans and there is an arrangement to hand this over to The Haven shelter soon. When we called them, the manager was so happy to hear about the kind of tins collected and said how useful it will be in their shelter.

I am so happy that this mitzvah project has been a success and will help to making a difference.

Here are some pics of some of what was collected. We will still get a photo when the cans are delivered.


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