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Temple Israel recognises the pain that this war causes to all involved, especially those living in Israel, West Bank and Gaza, as well as all those impacted here.  We are a Progressive Jewish community and may well place Jewish interests in the foreground.  In our messaging, we aim to convey our acknowledgement of this shared pain and impact and to call for:
1. Return safely all the hostages
2. Ending the bombing of Gaza

3. A negotiated solution leading to two states living side by side in peace.
We recognise that people are not at all of our events and reading all of our posts, therefore when we lead a service or make a post, we will aim to convey the balanced messaging above. Where a post needs context we will add context.  When we post or sign petitions as individuals, we do so as individuals and at the same time, are mindful of the fact that many people see us as representatives of CTPJC.

Rabbi Greg published an op-ed in the Daily Maverick which you can read here and was interviewed on SABC that evening - watch it here.

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